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Tracking Shipment  
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Tracking Of Shipment

The Unique feature of JSM Logistics Private Limited is the Tracking of Shipment.

Our specially trained team of JSM provides the day-to-day statuses of the trucks en-route information. Moreover we are proposed in the process of fine-tuning the GSM/GPS (Global System for Mobiles/ Global Positioning System) technology to track our trucks en-route, so that this vital information is available at an affordable cost to our Tracking Shipmentcustomers.

JSM is the only company that daily forwards the day-to-day statuses of the trucks en-route information to our customers. Therefore we can able to lead our customers to ensure the delivery date of the material.

We are proud to say that JSM is maintaining the Service performance in and around 98% in FTL Business i.e. reporting date of the trucks at the destination exactly equal to the expected date (actual Transit Time). This is maintained with “HT” technology added with incentive / Penalty system.   



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